fiction fridays and stuff

so some of you might know that i'm not sure whether i want to continue fiction friday, or not. well, i decided that i won't do it every week; just some fridays when i'm in the mood. :)
also, some of you awarded me and i'm extremely honored! however, due to time reasons and such, i won't be doing the tags. but i'm very grateful. :)

xoxo, jessie

good stuff v.3

021. classics
022. hot chocolate chip cookies
023. temple run ;)
024. long conversations
025. spending the weekend with my best friend
026. autumn
027. new clothing
028. rainy days
029. newborns <3
030. iced tea




the fresh scent of autumn leaves creep into your lungs.
the leaves crunch underneath your boots.
you slip your hands into your knit sweater pockets.

ahhhh. autumn. <3 if school didn't start in autumn, it would be my favorite season... ya just gotta love sweater weather!
for me, autumn means:
school. friends. the fireplace. hot chocolate, even if it's 70 degrees. knit sweaters. boots. inspiration. colored leaves. late nights and early morns. getting a big haircut. movies. stepping on leaves and hearing the crackle (my favorite part! ;). messy buns, or at least my best attempt at them. rain. hot cookies.
and everything else warm and cozy and fun. :)



photo credit-moi. it has nothing to do with the post, but i just love it. <3
i feel like this blog isn' anymore. i look at my posts and see/hear the voice of a stranger.
i know what you're probably thinking. great, she's either leaving, breaking, or moving. and you're wrong. i'm doing neither of the three. i'm just going to have another blog, artificial. why? because that's how i feel; fake.
don't worry though, this blog is still my main one. i'll just post there sometimes to recollect my thoughts.
feel free to drop by!


fiction friday - 12

 Woman Riding Horse at Sunset Wallpaper

lea kicked the brown dirt with her boots and sighed. it was never going to work. the whole getting-to-know-and-befriending-beatrice was a total and complete failure. she kicked harder. she had wanted so badly for this to work out, and now ... another sigh escaped her lips.
suddenly lea felt something poke her right elbow. she turned around, and there stood beatrice. her dark eyes and long eyelashes shone with anticipation. her eyes were trusting, not just mischievous. beatrice nudged lea again and took a few steps, as if begging her to ride.
hesitantly, lea climbed up the saddle and swung one leg over the other side. she lightly kicked beatrice's sides, and together they galloped into the horizon.
late again, i know. i really wrote this on friday, and i was editing it, when my computer shut was nighttime by the time it was charged again, so....yeah. yesterday i wasn't home, so i'll just post it now. better late then never, right?

btw, i have a feeling the my fiction friday's are getting boring...maybe i should just stop them....your thoughts?



these photos (and the sad reality) ((wow, that sounded dramatic. •-•))
this 'trick'
these other photos (and i want to wholeheartedly agree on the title, too...)
this (funny) list and some awesome photos accompanying it
this poem...

editing photos. :) (the above are not edited.)
sleeping in
making big money... (that sounds scary, like it was illegal money. (which it wasn't, in case you were wondering...)

nervous (school)
happy (money)
angry (brother)
bored (summer)

grey t-shirt
jean shorts
heart necklace
plastic bracelets :P

bye bye.


p.s. i just noticed that all three photos up there have water in them. •-• 
p.p.s i like perentacies. (i have no clue how to spell that. >.<)


photo by me.
silence creeping in
the night alight by the moon
stars twinkling brightly

silence || a haiku


P.S. i know the picture has nothing to do with what i wrote, but i still like it. XD

fiction friday - 11

photo credit: yours truly. :) please don't steal!
dear maddie, [she began to write,]
hey! how are you?
what's up? it's been awhile, huh?
from the first time i met you, there was something about those brilliant blue eyes of yours, of which green shades were added when you were sad, or so you claimed. those light freckles, brown hair pulled back neatly by a plain hairband, nails that you chewed on when nervous. your smile was immediately matched by mine, for it seemed to have a magical force that pulled everyone into a happy mood.
until you were suddenly placed into a white hospital bed, through no fault of your own. you wanted me, my mother said. you needed me as much as i needed you. but i didn't go. i couldn't go.
i couldn't bare to see a frail body, lying there, hooked to all sorts of beeping machines that scared me. so i held back. yes, maddie, i was afraid. afraid that you would never come back.
but you did. you came back and wouldn't face me. i couldn't apologize; still, i was frightened, for different reasons. foolishly frightened.

i will place this letter under my wet pillow, where no one will see it. i will lock these words into my heart, engrave them into my soul.

i won't ever forget you, my dear maddie.

and please, please hear my apology.

your friend?

p.s. 51st post!!!!!! :)

fiction friday - 10

 she cocked her head to left, then to the right. something was wrong. there in front of her was a huge canvas, the size of a baby's crib, nestled on a wooden stand. and painted on it was a lady, lighting a candle in the dark. shadows danced across her faded dress as she ignited the wick.
 she dipped her brush into the yellow paint, and added a smudge or two atop the orange strokes of the flame. that should do it, she thought. smiling, she left her painting in the sunlight to dry.


this weather

it's the type of weather
that even in the summer,
it's okay to wear a sweatshirt.

the sky is grey,
the leaves rustle,
i cuddle.

a teacup in one hand,
book in the other,
bed beneath me.

it makes me want to sleep
to the sound
of flowing music.

the rain pitter-patters,
the wind howls,
i slip under a knitted blanket.

PS i don't know how i wrote the above poem; i guess it just came straight from my heart.
PPS nope, it doesn't rhyme. yep, i just called it a poem.

photos of lately


so much has been happening, so instead of telling you with words, i present you with the above.
swimming, guitaring, reading, experimenting.


The ABC's of a blogger

so, i got this from her who got it from her who got it from her. :P Basically I say the ABC's , and next to that any blogger that i know whose name begins with that letter. if you don't get it, just continue reading.

A: Azure
B: Brittney
C: Catherine Grace
D: Danielle
E: Emma and Emma :P
F: Please claim this if your name starts with F
G: Grace and Gabbi
H: Hannah and Haley
I: ilovesabie
J: (me. :P if that doesn't count, then) Jeanine and Jenny
K: Kayla
L: Lindsey
M: Mackenzie
N: Please claim this if your name starts with N
O: Oana
P: Priya
Q: Quinlyn
R: Rose
S: Storyteller and Sarah
T: Please claim this if your name starts with T
U: Please claim this if your name starts with a U
V: Please claim this if your name starts with a V
W: Willa
X: Please claim this if your name starts with an X
Y: Please claim this if your name starts with a Y
Z: Please claim this if your name starts with a Z

so, yeah.


fiction fridays - 7, 8, & 9

i know it's not as exciting to have them all in one post, but internet wasn't working on one friday, and i was away another...:P well, anyway, here they are. (i wrote seven and eight last saturday at different times and nine today.)

(sorry this one is so fuzzy)
i gazed at his brown eyes, the deep chocolatey swirls surrounding his pupil. when he glanced at me, i quickly looked away.
"y'know," he said slowly, brushing away a strand of hair away from my cheek. "you aren't perfect."
i hold my breath and close my eyes.
he presses his lips against my forehead, and i feel him smiling. "and that's what i love about you."
slowly, i exhale. i look deep into those eyes, without blushing when he looked into mine. "i love you too."

"come on, kelsey! you could do it!" i could hear mary cheering from her blue and white striped beach chair. i eyed the blue crystal-clear waters doubtfully. it looked so inviting, glittering in the sunshine.
i stepped somewhat confidently onto the diving board and took a deep breath.  i jumped a few small jumps and took another deep breath. "kelsey?" mary asked, concerned. "are you okay?" i guess it's not every day that my sister sees me jumping then inhaling deeply. well, she'd just have to get used to it.
and then, i jumped.
just like that.
i realized i was still holding my breath even after my head bobbed up from the water. mary's cheers got louder, and i thought to myself how easy it could be--if you just take the jump.


i chewed my pen, hoping for a spark of inspiration. a lot nights went by like this. i looked around. my room was neat as always. then something caught my eye. the moon.
the beautiful, silvery moon against the inky black sky. it shone in it's unique way, lighting up a spot in the black summer sky. i positioned my pen at the top of the paper, and allowed the words to flow.

quiet, like the moon
shining, like a star
surrounded by blackness
yet remaining ignited.


p.s. again, sorry for the delay!