good stuff v. 2

011. going to the park
012. having my brother's birthday party
013. getting a photography job offer (!!!)
014. writing a story
015. sitting in the backyard, ignoring mosquitoes (well...kind of) and sipping iced coffee
016. having a barbeque
017. going swimming
018. the freedom of no school
019. awesome, inspirational blogs (click here to see some.)
020. finally being somewhat happy with who i am


life as of lately...

these photographs
this short story
her amazing ability to capture...

the original alice in wonderland.


 photographs. lottsa photographs.

tank top
short jean skirt
flip flops
friendship bracelet

mosquitoes. (thanks, spell check.)


today i ...

i. discovered scattered leaves, mustered up my courage, and bent down on the floor with Alexis.
ii. took a lot of bokeh pictures ;)
iii. spent time on my father's computer since my laptop isn't working...
iv. had mac&cheese :)

i guess that somewhat sums up my day! [well, not really...]



  i always feel as though i'm not good enough. no matter what i do to try and improve, to make it better, i'm still not good enough. i think that everyone has an invisible line where if crossed, that person will be treated with a certain respect.
but everyone is different in their own ways. people think that if someone is a certain way, then that changes the respect that one should treat them with. from the bookworm to the mini-professor, everyone should exceed your expectations.
because everyone is wonderful.


fiction friday - 6

like a web -
in confusion,
drops spill
from [her]

waiting for
h e l p .

(can fiction friday be a poem too?)


p.s. photo by me. please do not steal.


i consider myself a realist, and i say that our cups aren't half full; they are overflowing.

meet alexis

who? alexis? who's that? why, it's my camera, of course! (if you read my last post you'd know that ;)
well, here she is:
so, yeah, that's her. she wanted me to show some pictures we took together ... okay, so maybe i just want to show them to you because i love 'em so much. (juuuust maybe.)

no, this isn't an overlay. it was just by the window and it reflected alexis (and my awkward hands...).

well, that's only a fraction of the dozens of photos i took today (so far). & don't worry; next time i'll make a normal post with photos like these. ;)


*le drumroll*

about five minutes after posting this, my mom called my sister and i downstairs. after scrambling down the steps in hope of finding a package with our new camera, my mom told us to go wash the dishes for dinner. we groaned and went about our chore. but before we reached the sink, i noticed something. my sister did, too.
it was a package.
the package.
(my mom didn't really need washed dishes. :P)
we hugged and danced and hugged s'more. (well, almost.) then we tore open the package and there lay Alexandra Marie, or Alexis for short. that, my friend, is our wonderful nikon d5100 and 35mm f/1.8G lens. we submitted the battery and memory card into their slots and switched the on button.
and on it turned. :)
now for the photos .... (we took more than 100 in an hour. *le sheepish grin*)

i took all of the above.

that's all for now! :)


fiction friday - 5

"daddy." she whispered into his wool sweater, inhaling the scent that would be gone for a long time. no matter that the wool made her itch. her tears ran over cheeks, washing away what she thought was happiness. "daddy. don't leave me, daddy ... don't go ... "

"daddy, where are you ... i need you ... they say you're gone, but i know the truth. you're somewhere out there. but where, daddy, where are you?" she screams silently.

"daddy, daddy! oh, daddy, you're here ... daddy ..." the rest was washed away with a sob as everything good was swept back into her life.

happy & sad

happy about:
-these stuff
-borrowing an old film camera (that is really awesome and works perfectly)
-air conditioning
-starting a journal

sad about:
-having to wait till early next week for the camera
-molly and emily (the AGs) moving into the archives
-change (i'll leave it at that)
-not being able to meet up with awesome kiddos --(okay, they're not really kids, but i like that word and i'm never able to use it and sound normal.)-- cuz they're miles and miles away...