fiction friday - 11

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dear maddie, [she began to write,]
hey! how are you?
what's up? it's been awhile, huh?
from the first time i met you, there was something about those brilliant blue eyes of yours, of which green shades were added when you were sad, or so you claimed. those light freckles, brown hair pulled back neatly by a plain hairband, nails that you chewed on when nervous. your smile was immediately matched by mine, for it seemed to have a magical force that pulled everyone into a happy mood.
until you were suddenly placed into a white hospital bed, through no fault of your own. you wanted me, my mother said. you needed me as much as i needed you. but i didn't go. i couldn't go.
i couldn't bare to see a frail body, lying there, hooked to all sorts of beeping machines that scared me. so i held back. yes, maddie, i was afraid. afraid that you would never come back.
but you did. you came back and wouldn't face me. i couldn't apologize; still, i was frightened, for different reasons. foolishly frightened.

i will place this letter under my wet pillow, where no one will see it. i will lock these words into my heart, engrave them into my soul.

i won't ever forget you, my dear maddie.

and please, please hear my apology.

your friend?

p.s. 51st post!!!!!! :)

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