fiction friday - 12

 Woman Riding Horse at Sunset Wallpaper

lea kicked the brown dirt with her boots and sighed. it was never going to work. the whole getting-to-know-and-befriending-beatrice was a total and complete failure. she kicked harder. she had wanted so badly for this to work out, and now ... another sigh escaped her lips.
suddenly lea felt something poke her right elbow. she turned around, and there stood beatrice. her dark eyes and long eyelashes shone with anticipation. her eyes were trusting, not just mischievous. beatrice nudged lea again and took a few steps, as if begging her to ride.
hesitantly, lea climbed up the saddle and swung one leg over the other side. she lightly kicked beatrice's sides, and together they galloped into the horizon.
late again, i know. i really wrote this on friday, and i was editing it, when my computer shut was nighttime by the time it was charged again, so....yeah. yesterday i wasn't home, so i'll just post it now. better late then never, right?

btw, i have a feeling the my fiction friday's are getting boring...maybe i should just stop them....your thoughts?