about me

I'm Jessica May, and my second name is a month. The time that I let my thoughts wonder the most is at night when I can't sleep. I only like blueberry or chai tea, with more honey than my mom lets. I love all seasons. My favorite colors are pastels. I dream of traveling the world with my camera. Cookies are okay, but I'll take cake any day. I love sugarless coffee. I am discovering that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. I am letting go of the past. I say thank you to the cashier. I've always wanted to plant a tree. I love photographing, writing and designing (even though I'm hardly good at any), because they are full of so many possibilities. Rainy days make me think. I love the smell of the forest, and I wish I could do something about pollution. I've always wanted to land on the moon.
I'm Jessie, and I'm more unique than I thought.