fiction fridays - 7, 8, & 9

i know it's not as exciting to have them all in one post, but internet wasn't working on one friday, and i was away another...:P well, anyway, here they are. (i wrote seven and eight last saturday at different times and nine today.)

(sorry this one is so fuzzy)
i gazed at his brown eyes, the deep chocolatey swirls surrounding his pupil. when he glanced at me, i quickly looked away.
"y'know," he said slowly, brushing away a strand of hair away from my cheek. "you aren't perfect."
i hold my breath and close my eyes.
he presses his lips against my forehead, and i feel him smiling. "and that's what i love about you."
slowly, i exhale. i look deep into those eyes, without blushing when he looked into mine. "i love you too."

"come on, kelsey! you could do it!" i could hear mary cheering from her blue and white striped beach chair. i eyed the blue crystal-clear waters doubtfully. it looked so inviting, glittering in the sunshine.
i stepped somewhat confidently onto the diving board and took a deep breath.  i jumped a few small jumps and took another deep breath. "kelsey?" mary asked, concerned. "are you okay?" i guess it's not every day that my sister sees me jumping then inhaling deeply. well, she'd just have to get used to it.
and then, i jumped.
just like that.
i realized i was still holding my breath even after my head bobbed up from the water. mary's cheers got louder, and i thought to myself how easy it could be--if you just take the jump.


i chewed my pen, hoping for a spark of inspiration. a lot nights went by like this. i looked around. my room was neat as always. then something caught my eye. the moon.
the beautiful, silvery moon against the inky black sky. it shone in it's unique way, lighting up a spot in the black summer sky. i positioned my pen at the top of the paper, and allowed the words to flow.

quiet, like the moon
shining, like a star
surrounded by blackness
yet remaining ignited.


p.s. again, sorry for the delay!


  1. Wow Jessie, those are all amazing!! :)

  2. i absolutely love the poem of the last one.

  3. These are beautiful. You are really talented. <3