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merry christmas, all. <3


there is snow beneath my feet,
a chill in the air,
coffee in my hand,
and a smile on my lips.

ahh, winter. <3
that day
and so it was that day again. the day she let the children out. one might think that this was a sunny day with a cool breeze, but in fact this day was the day the first snow touched the ground. no matter how deep it was, no matter how cold, all the children of the orphanage were led outside, bundled up so tightly that they didn't feel cold as they rolled on the ground, making snowmen and igloos. and she, who's mouth was always set in a thin, firm line, now relaxed, and a hint of a smile touched at her lips. the day before and the day after, she was strict as ever.
but on that day, when the first snow fluttered to the ground, she was content.


sometimes I look at the old people sitting outside
and wonder
how they looked
when they were young.

hello there.

hey people. it's me, jessie. y'know...the author of this blog? i'm really sorry about my absence! my laptop broke, and i got another one...everything was deleted--things I typed, my pictures (well, I did save a little) i'm starting fresh. this blog will get a makeover, and hopefully i'll continue to blog. :)