good stuff v.1

001. sleepovers
002. buttered popcorn
003. lazy summer days
004. shopping
005. ordering a DSLR (!!!)
006. taking photos using film
007. developing the film
008. sunlight (lots of it)
009. starting my day at 9:30
010. sunglasses (what up)



EEEEEP. #excitedness

soooo hi people. i wasn't going to tell you peeps anything until the package actually arrives....but i just can't contain myself....
come on i gotta read her post to calm myself...breathe
okay. (thanks for the meditation ;) now...
without further ado...
you know, i always wondered what that word meant. ado, i mean. obviously in that context it means stalling, or whatever (not that i' doing that right now...). but could you say, like, stop adoing? i don't get's just like nook and cranny. like, "i've looked in that cranny, but i should check out that nook." hm.
okay, okay, i'll get to it (eventually).
but you guys gotta keep it a secret, okay? K.


dum dee dum dum...



okay, i might as well just tell you because i know this post is really getting borng and you guys probably aren't reading this but if you are, extra points for you. if you didn't scroll down and skip this whole first part of the post, then...*sigh* i doubt anyone is reading this. i guess i should recap my readers attention...


translation: i ordered a DSLR camera. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (wanna know which camera it is? sorry, but you gotta wait...guesses are welcome. ;)

okay, this post is long enough. farewell. :)


p.s. ASWERTYUIOIJHXUTRHSTRYHGBTRGYUBYUKNYFUFCHVGJ. (translation: i honestly have no clue..)

fiction friday - 4


she wanted to fly away, to sing with the birds. let her wings spread, and allow herself to soar, carefree. to forget all of her worries. she wanted to fly for [forever and] a day.
to be free.

so i didn't use proper grammar // yeah, this is [too] short



she turned over and sunk her head into her wrinkled white pillow.
"i'm never getting up." she sobbed. nothing mattered now--just that she should be alone in the world, that no one should see her. she knew that wasn't what she wanted. she knew what she really wanted would never be uttered out loud. she was lost emotionally and spiritually.

what she need, what she yearned for, was a simple four-letter word that we all take for granted.


fiction fri...saturday? - 3

(yeah, i forgot about this yesterday ... )

"make a wish, sara. any wish."
"okay. i want a million dollars ... well, actually-no, never mind that."
"why don't you want a million dollars?"
"because then i'll be stuck up and i won't appreciate God." the youngster's chocolatey eyes widened with every syllable.
"oh, i see. that makes sense. then what will you wish for?"
"a cookie."
"that's a good wish." mary's blue eyes twinkle.

the words came tumbling back like bricks. where was this sweet sara now? if only she'd remember the words she'd once uttered ... the pure innocence of her childhood ... and now. mary covered her face with her hands and rubbed on her temple and sighed.
she murmured a silent prayer for sara's sake, and for all lost souls.

(ps-i know, i know, depression once again ... )

things to do in the summer

  summer is officially here! for me, summer started a long time ago, but technicalities prove that summer actually starts today. ahhh.

summer can be quite boring, unless you spend it properly. here's what i suggest to do to make your summer as lovely as mine.

i.   read, read, read, and read some more. go the library and check out tons of random stuff and get weird looks (like i did); it's worth it.
ii.   photograph; everything. even if you did already a million times, there's always a million and one.
iii.   go to sleep early and wake up late. i have a lot of catching up to do with sleep...
iv.   take a minute or two to be thankful for everything you've got. once a day, write down 5 things you are thankful for.
v.   get artsy. do it yourself.
vi.   go to the park, play ball, whether you're 10 or 20 or 30, you are never too old for it.
viidocument your days. did something fun? write about it. talk about your feelings.

have a happy summer. :)


where the sun shines and twigs sway

the Artist dips His paintbrush into the red, yellow, pink, and orange paints and swirls them together on the canvas. a streak of blue at the top. waves splashing below. a glob of orange for the sun. perfect.
 / / /
we witnessed such a scene. by "we", i mean my family who went on vacation from sat. till seven this morning. we stayed at my great-aunt. she lives some six hours away from us. the trip was absolutely fabulous. we woke up at the crack o' dawn on saturday and began our trip. after hours of traveling, stopping only for breakfast, coffee, and the restroom, we finally saw green rolling hills in the distance. my dad pointed out near where my great-aunt's home was. about 30 minutes later, we got out of the car and stretched. then i froze. my aunt's house wasn't just a regular house. it was simply charming. there was a small garden in the back, a wooden door (that was the greatest part), and pink shutters. i couldn't believe it. the inside...well, that was pretty awesome. the flowery curtains, rocking chairs, a was magical. well, i put my stuff in my room and went out to explore with my sister and brother.

lets just say i had the best time of my life.

(and photos? well...i pretty much left my camera at home and my sister's died on the way there...but i learned something. i remembered this post, and realized how true it was. so i've got everything in my brain instead of my memory card. (oh, and she also had a computer, but i promised myself i wouldn't go on much at all. :)


fiction friday - 2

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a single tear slips out, rolls down her cheeks. wetting the paper in her shaking hands. her shoulders tremble. head in hands, she cried. cried for what had been lost and for what cannot come back. cried for her loved ones, her enemies, for herself. she cries for the damage that cannot be undone.
a hand wraps around her heaving back, and squeezes it. she leans her head, and they cry. together.
~ ~ ~
(where did that  come from? i honestly don't know; i was just typing randomly, and the above appeared. i know it's kinda depressing, but hey, a girl's gotta write.)


whoa there, life

um, hi. it's june. thirteenth. instead of november. or even january. the days, months, weeks, years, are flying. see, here's the thing - going through it feels like eternity. looking back, it seems like a second. i mean, c'mon. tomorrow will be my last day of school. my last day in sixth grade. (yes, you figured out how old i am...) (probably.) i barely got to get to know my teachers and classmates, (even though we were only together for five months. yup, i joined that class in feb. but still.). so here's what i want to say -
dear life,
i wouldn't mind if you could slow down a drop so i can enjoy and live you to the fullest. you are flying by me. days go by. weeks do the same. how did i grow up so fast? wasn't i just eight? or even nine? when was Christmas? it feels like yesterday. everything is a blur. (literally. stupid low-prescription-glasses...) well, i wouldn't mind a little of a step on the brakes. please give be some more time as a kid. thank you.

so, yeah. later.

a photographer

  i'm really not much of a photographer. true, whenever my teacher(s) mention that word, all of my friends look at me and grin. true, people gush over my photography. and yet. and yet i'm nothing special when it comes to that subject. i believe that i am okay. i have a lot to learn in the future, but i know that i still can achieve. so here's the big question.  
do i get a DSLR?
  i'm not even sure if i really want one. or if it will really help improve my photography. do i want one simply because i've seen photos that others have taken using that camera? do i expect my photos to turn out like professionals with that camera? and truthfully, part of me is saying yes. lately it seems like it's forbidden to be a good blogger if you can't take stunning pictures. i mean, seriously. people think that everything is in the camera. well, they're wrong.
  anyway, my sister and i have been saving up for a DSLR and my parents promised that if we make it to a certain amount, they'll pay for the rest. truth is, i'm starting to rethink the whole thing. is it all just a waste? i guess only time will tell.


new design

so, yeah, there's a new design in case you couldn't tell. if you couldn't tell, that's scary. no offense. but anyway, yeah. no big deal.
okay, i'll stop it. jianine did this design. and i love it. i can't imagine anyone else feeling otherwise. thanks again! you are amazing. <3
of course it goes without saying that this sweetie's design will be missed ... but hey, we all need a change here and there. without change life is plain dull.

xx | jessie

oh, oh, oh, and ps. there's a new faqs page, go check it out. :) and the other pages are redone. (well, most of them anyway.)

fiction friday - 1

i sat down at my computer. i wanted to post something simply because i finally feel connected to this blog. where i share thoughts and others see them. and the thing is....there's so much on my mind. i have no idea what to do first. so i'll do what she sometimes does on her blog. it's basically a short story with no beginning or end. so before i change my mind and erase this whole thing, i'll start.
she sips her coffee. twirls it with the straw. observes the scene around her.
to the left, a family of three. the mom looking content, as if she finally got a break, closing her eyes. the dad was texting on his iPhone, frowning to himself about something that he will probably forget tomorrow. the little boy of about 4, happily polishing off his double fudge ice cream. and getting it all over what looks like a freshly washed shirt.
in front sits two; a boy and a girl of about 18. the girl looks nervous, and the boy is rubbing his chin. they, too don't look the happiest.
on the right is a senior man of maybe seventy, or so. he is reading a newspaper looking somewhat interested, but somewhat bored too. she notices his table is bare.
looking down at her barely touched coffee, she suddenly realizes how happy she should be. happy about the gift of being herself.
and she is happy, happy indeed.


p.s. i'm not sure if this will become something i'll do every Friday...not sure. your thoughts?

i am proud to present...

okay, i was going to post this tomorrow, but i just cant wait any longer! i am proud to present................... my candy shoppe!!!!
"ummm, yeah. what?" you might be thinking. welllllll, i'll tell you's my very own design blog! =)
here's the link: . why not be a darling and order? better hurry up and grab your chance while my designs are still free! okay, realistically, i don't think an eleven-year-old should charge for blog designs ... or even a twelve-year-old ... so i think i'll be free for at least another year and a half. :P but even so, order.





her wonderfuless
her reality
her (((awesome))) photos
her true-ness 
her quote
her reminisce


mac&cheese made by my wonderful mother, gulped down together with her famous chocolate milk. [my definition of famous is family-famous.] my sister's new cupcake recipe that tasted rather ... interesting, since she sorta messed up with the amount of butter, although we were polite enough not to tell her. [hints don't count, right?...]


gymnastics. need i say more?


geez. that's a hard one. i wonder. hmmm.


what will be in june

in june i will:

+ go to photography camp (yippeeeeeeeeeee!)

+ not have school or math or science or the likes

+ (hopefully, along with my family,) buy the Nikon D5100 (AHHH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM)

+ babysit a lot (i love children. :)

+ make a yard sale (probably not gonna happen)

+ have 'lottsa sleepovers ;)

+ finally be able to swim

+ be able to wear my favorite T-shirt

+ did i mention no school?!?!?!?!?

june is a good month. :)



    I, myself (with a lot of help from my sister,), created this design. okay, so i didn't exactly do everything, but i did do a lot. do you like it? do you think i should continue designing? i can't say i have good taste, and i'm not very good, but i do know some html/css codes. designing always inspired me. i mean, look at the board on my pinterest. it almost has as much as my photography board! well, not really. but it has a lot more pins than other boards.
what do you say? did i (we) do well on the design?