good stuff v.4

031. having off from school
032. cousins
033. sweaters
034. sweatpants
035. her
036. going to my friend's house and ending up sleeping over
037. fireplaces (like, the real type)
038. colorful mugs
039. playing made-up games
040. hot chocolate chip cookies


p.s. i apologize for not posting/commenting or emailing/chatting lately. internet is very slow, and gmail doesn't work, so if you emailed me and i haven't yet answered, you know why. :) (that's also why there are no pictures is this post. bad, bad internet.)

things i wish i believe

 1. that i am beautiful, smart, special, and the like.

2. that my family cares.

3. that i have good friends at school.

4. that it "happens to everyone".

5. that i am not insecure.

6. that people "understand".

7. that dreams come true.

8. that i can be who i want to.

9. that "this too shall pass".

10. that it's okay to cry. a lot.

Yep. Sorry for all the depressing posts lately.