the girl with the guitar.

Music is a must, bring along a guitar as there is always somebody who is dying to show off their skills!  #designsponge #dssummerparty
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she's quiet, that girl with the guitar.
she has long bangs that obscure her eyes, but i'd imagine them to be amber.
she doesn't speak unless she has to, and even then, it's done so in a whisper.
she plays softly, hardly brushing her fingers over the strings.
her dresses are old, her shoes worn, and she has to simple dresses that just make it to her knees.
she has a small nose and a sprinkling of freckles, and bites her nails and lips.

yet I envy her, that girl with the guitar.

inspired from this lovely post.

five words.


w i n d.


"why don't you go jogging?", he suggested. "you haven't in a while."
for some unexplainable reason, I agreed.
so I went.
passing the old pale blue house with the tall tree growing in the front, I remembered.
passing the nursery, with children playing outside, I blinked back tears.
passing the grocery, I cried.
yet I jogged on.
and when I got back, I smiled.

because memories will stay with me forever,
but pain doesn't have to.