a photographer

  i'm really not much of a photographer. true, whenever my teacher(s) mention that word, all of my friends look at me and grin. true, people gush over my photography. and yet. and yet i'm nothing special when it comes to that subject. i believe that i am okay. i have a lot to learn in the future, but i know that i still can achieve. so here's the big question.  
do i get a DSLR?
  i'm not even sure if i really want one. or if it will really help improve my photography. do i want one simply because i've seen photos that others have taken using that camera? do i expect my photos to turn out like professionals with that camera? and truthfully, part of me is saying yes. lately it seems like it's forbidden to be a good blogger if you can't take stunning pictures. i mean, seriously. people think that everything is in the camera. well, they're wrong.
  anyway, my sister and i have been saving up for a DSLR and my parents promised that if we make it to a certain amount, they'll pay for the rest. truth is, i'm starting to rethink the whole thing. is it all just a waste? i guess only time will tell.


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