fiction friday - 1

i sat down at my computer. i wanted to post something simply because i finally feel connected to this blog. where i share thoughts and others see them. and the thing is....there's so much on my mind. i have no idea what to do first. so i'll do what she sometimes does on her blog. it's basically a short story with no beginning or end. so before i change my mind and erase this whole thing, i'll start.
she sips her coffee. twirls it with the straw. observes the scene around her.
to the left, a family of three. the mom looking content, as if she finally got a break, closing her eyes. the dad was texting on his iPhone, frowning to himself about something that he will probably forget tomorrow. the little boy of about 4, happily polishing off his double fudge ice cream. and getting it all over what looks like a freshly washed shirt.
in front sits two; a boy and a girl of about 18. the girl looks nervous, and the boy is rubbing his chin. they, too don't look the happiest.
on the right is a senior man of maybe seventy, or so. he is reading a newspaper looking somewhat interested, but somewhat bored too. she notices his table is bare.
looking down at her barely touched coffee, she suddenly realizes how happy she should be. happy about the gift of being herself.
and she is happy, happy indeed.


p.s. i'm not sure if this will become something i'll do every Friday...not sure. your thoughts?


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    1. thank you, sarah and storyteller. :)


  2. your blog is simply lovely. wow. wow. so glad i stumbled upon it, thanks to jianine.

    1. thanks so much. <3 i love your blog, too. :)