where the sun shines and twigs sway

the Artist dips His paintbrush into the red, yellow, pink, and orange paints and swirls them together on the canvas. a streak of blue at the top. waves splashing below. a glob of orange for the sun. perfect.
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we witnessed such a scene. by "we", i mean my family who went on vacation from sat. till seven this morning. we stayed at my great-aunt. she lives some six hours away from us. the trip was absolutely fabulous. we woke up at the crack o' dawn on saturday and began our trip. after hours of traveling, stopping only for breakfast, coffee, and the restroom, we finally saw green rolling hills in the distance. my dad pointed out near where my great-aunt's home was. about 30 minutes later, we got out of the car and stretched. then i froze. my aunt's house wasn't just a regular house. it was simply charming. there was a small garden in the back, a wooden door (that was the greatest part), and pink shutters. i couldn't believe it. the inside...well, that was pretty awesome. the flowery curtains, rocking chairs, a typewriter...it was magical. well, i put my stuff in my room and went out to explore with my sister and brother.

lets just say i had the best time of my life.

(and photos? well...i pretty much left my camera at home and my sister's died on the way there...but i learned something. i remembered this post, and realized how true it was. so i've got everything in my brain instead of my memory card. (oh, and she also had a computer, but i promised myself i wouldn't go on much at all. :)


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