sometimes, pictures say more than words.

s o a r

That Kind Of Woman

(these make my heart sing. oh, how i miss my camera.)


  1. it's a very good ache to drink in these stills, but then a very raw ache to read that final sentence. (WHERE IS A LITTLE BIRD THAT CAN DELIVER MY CAMERA TO YOU BECAUSE I AM SERIOUS I WOULD GIVE YOU MINE) good friend, dear jessie . . . you are the sensation of dappled sunlight through new green leaves on the trees. you are the blanket of starlight on shoulders outside at night wondering about everything.

    you're my blessing. my jessie. and listen to this! i love you.

    love forever and up and on,
    your devoted les

  2. Those are bea-u-ti-ful. Absolutely.


  3. That house! The typewriter! I love how soft and ethereal these feel. Inspiring :D

  4. I love all of these pictures!! :)