a flicker

her eyes are the warning; cold, distant.
her mouth shoots bullets, piercing those before her.
they withdraw, afraid.

but beneath her bitter facade,
she feels a flicker
of something
for an instant.

- - -


  1. one should never underestimate seven little lines of words. here proven today. this is a story and it doesn't even need a chapter two. || y o u a m a z e d m e a g a i n.

    i'm so proud of you and your strengths. ❤

    1. To be honest, you are what inspires me to do these little posts. Your comments are my fave. ♥

    2. hello to the sweetest thing today. *HUGS* ( i don't really know what else to say, you know? ) other than the same-old: i love you. :)