in other news;

- this little space has been alive for over a year. a year of hope, photos, words.
- i redesigned. not because the previous (brilliant) design wasn't good enough; not at all. i just wanted to feel creative again.
- i'm thinking of changing my blog name as well; chirographic doesn't appeal to me as it used to. (any ideas?)
- my camera broke. i'm devastated.


  1. in other news;

    · you're back. my blessed darling is back. again. ❤

    · the redesign. it is an honour to hear that the one before was brilliant, but THIS one. i shall stare at it adoringly until my eyes run dry. •-• HOW ARE YOU THIS SPLENDID.

    · ooh, a name change? (ideas from your les are very probable, when they surface)

    · NO. TAKE MINE NOW DEAR. *hurriedly places mah wee thing in your deserving hands*

    and lastly,


    - les, a very happy girl

  2. You're back!
    Yesssss! creativity is good. I've been creating a lo via colored pencil lately. =)
    Oh no!!! That is indescribably sad... =*( How did it break? Internally? Dropped? Lens cracked?


    1. Jenny, you're so sweet. :)
      Yep. I'm not sure how it happened, but it died so I charged it. And then, when I tried to turn it on, it wouldn't. But I have a guarantee, so it's okay. :)