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merry christmas, all. <3


  1. a wee gift for you: 3> ('tis a snow cone/ice-cream cone/whatever-you-wish-for-cone:) may your day be blessed, my dear jessie. <3

    1. p.s. well someone must have positively & creatively inspired me! you've been nominated:

    2. Oh, Leslie *sniff* you shouldn't have...*wipes away something from cheek that looks suspiciously like a tear*. Well, thank you muchly, dear. May I offer you a late present in return? |____| (it's your half of the pickle. ◕-◕ sorry it's missing the top...) <333>

      p.s. thank you so, so, so very much!! <3

    3. appears i did, though. ◕-◕ well, thank you for immensely touching me, lady jessie. you deserve it more than i can say. EHEHE THIS IS APPROVED. *accepts half of pickle, while tears threaten to flow* ◕-◕ that's quite alright... <333>

      p.s. i think i should give you another award (she who is best at humbling little les)!