an early winter post

i remember those days when our noses would press against the windowpane, dampening it from our excited breath. when one little flake would descend from the grey sky, you and i would run to the closet, take out our bulky coats and boots and scarves that mom used to make us wear. then we'd go outside and have a snowball fight--not against each other of course; it was always the two of us against everyone else. not just in snowball fights. we were two of a kind, you and i.

and now...when the first snow comes, what will be?
will we run outside, cheeks red with glee?
will it be just us two, making angels in the snow?
i'd still like that, you know.

but what about you? i'm afraid to ask.

this may or may not be fiction.


p.s. like the new design? even if it's not so different that her amazing one?


  1. I really like this...=) and I'm glad you decided to keep doing your Fiction Fridays, because I really enjoy seeing what you come up with. I make up little stories all the time but I have a hard time putting them into words. =P
    YES I DO like your new design!

    xx ~Jenny

    1. Aw, thanks so much! <3 Oh, I know the feeling...I'd love to hear some of your writing sometime! :)
      Thank you! :D


  2. absolutely love this. it's simply beautiful. xx

  3. Cool, I really want to make an Autumn post before Winter, but my camera has no batteries.