i'm like that character in a book that doesn't exist.
after everything, the person i've helped most turned away from me. i help her reach the top of a mountain and she pushes me down it. not literally, but it hurt as much. i helped them reach their goal, and in turn they knocked me down.

this post was supposed to be fiction, but it turned into nonfiction.
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  1. (As mentioned on Sunshine Photography, I've been perusing your previous posts, and...) *HUGS* Here's what hurts me: "this was supposed to be fiction, but it turned into nonfiction." Jessie! My heart and soul are praying for you. Yes, this incident is past, but some scars remain forever. I don't have the right to ask or assume anything you spoke about up there, but just know that I love you so much. <3 May God raise you up to new, beautiful heights. xx