i was going to do fiction friday,

photo not my own. via

but i'm not. i changed my mind a few minutes ago, when i came across an album in the corner of my room. i opened it up and flipped through it. there was a friend's birthday party, a wedding, a trip to the beach. and then the pages were blank. i almost put it away, but something caught my eye. there were more photos in the back.
they were photos that were taken with film. i took them in the summer. i stopped using that film camera simply because i have no time for anything lately. even photography. and it hurts to say that.
but i was looking at those beautiful pictures, and a wave of nostalgia washed over me. i remembered the story behind most of the photographs.
there's just something beautiful about film, you know?

p.s. this was written on friday. i thought this was posted, but i guess not.


  1. Your writing style is fantastic, dear girl. A bittersweet thing, Nostalgia! While I can't say I've dabbled in film, know now that it is a wish of mine. :)

  2. oh yes, film photography is something quite special.. it also makes sad i haven't had time to do it in such a long time. but it's so worth it, because film is still like the best :)