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recently, in school, we had to answer some questions about ourselves for a project. one of them was "what do you plan on doing with your future life when you graduate from school?" that got me thinking. (i know, inspiration in the strangest places, huh?) what do i want with my life? i came up with quite a few answers, but chose the first.
the way i defined that question, it has two meanings; a) a profession & such, or b) how you want your life to continue & such.
here are some of my answers --

++   i want to be a photographer. it seems the "latest stuff" to be a photographer. but i truly love photography. yes, i know, i'm certainly not the best, and i've got a lot to learnbut isn't it that way in life? how there's always more to learn?

++   i want to learn more about designing. designing fascinates me, and i have always dreamed of being one. maybe one day...

++   i want to be a role model. seriously. i want to be someone whom people look up to and wish to be like; yet not someone who people become jealous of.

++    i want to serve God in every way and glorify His name in the best way that i can. i want to also be down-to-earth and normal, to show people that one can serve God, yet also be fun, etc. i don't want to be embarrassed about thisi want the whole world to know about it, on the contrary.

++   i want to be happy. simple as that. 

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