"the photographer"

photo credit-moi
"hey jessie!" he hollers, swerving his bike around me.
"yeah?" i lower my camera.
"i see you're with my best friend again, Photographer."
my first reaction was angry. then annoyed. then frustrated. little brothers...
then i asked myself something. it's a bad thing that i love my camera, and that someone called me a photographer?? i know he said it to annoy me. but that was the biggest compliment i ever received. he always saw me with my camera. good. he called me a photographer. even better. he nearly ran me over with his bike. eh...not-so-good. back on topic. why should that annoy me? i'm in fact grateful to him for giving me the encouragement that i need. whenever he calls me a photographer, i smile and don't say anything. after all, who am i to turn down his "triumphant" moment? *wink*

make the most of annoying brothers // continue using that camera

your photographer || jessie x

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