dear may,

inspired from here.

dear may,
you were pretty good. there are some parts of you i'll miss, and some parts that i'm glad are over. through you i made new friends. through you fresh tears came. through you joy and sorrow came my way. in some ways i'm glad you're over, yet in some ways i wish to replay you over and over.
you taught me many lessons. you showed me that it pays to be yourself; something i shall always remember. you taught me right and wrong, and you taught me how to handle all types of situations. you had mother's day, which was a wonderful day for me.

what awaits me in june? only God knows the answer to that. i bid you farewell, my dear may, and i'll see you in eleven months and a day.

goodbye spring // hello summer

ps- i'm trying to upload the header for my photography blog, but everything is coming out darker, and the background is more gray than dark. did anyone have this problem? please let me know if you do/did!