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//post for bloggers//
question. who do you blog for? really, now. half of us blog for followers, readers, and comments. we don't blog for ourselves. which causes blogging to be forced and unwanted. but you have to. if you want more followers, you gotta blog. right?
 wrong. don't blog in a certain way because everybody else is doing it like that. blogging should be like a journal; sure, people can hear your feelings, but you don't want to actually publicize them. that can turn people off. acting as someone who you're not is a horrible idea. because you're meant to act as one person. YOU. copying is okay, as long as it still calls your name.
don't post or design because that's how all the good bloggers and everyone else has it-only do it if you like it. look at it and say, is this me? if you are positive the answer is yes, then you know that you are truly blogging for you; not for everyone else. blogging should be your own little journey-not a big copy. people love you because you can only be yourself.

do what you want // be-you-tiful.

your faithful blogger || jessie

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