i want to go and travel

photo my moi.
i want to go. to travel the world. camera in one hand, journal in the other.
keep a log for the end of the day.
snap away to my heart's content.
fall asleep under the stars.
i want to see castles and towers.
manors and huts.
i want to go to france and italy,
spain and england,
australia and mexico.
to travel and visit.
and to explore everything;
take in His world.
i want to be free.

go // live your dream

ps- i did not just mean to quote Tangled.

/jessie xx


  1. Whoa... Jessie, that was beautiful. I loved it. <3

    { www.a-dancers-pointe.blogspot.com }


    1. What, your comment? That's the only ridiculousness visible to my eyes at this time. Please, thou Anonymous creation, refrain from thine foolish ways! Such waste to thine days thou hast created! Ah, that thou didst have the eyes to see thine corruption! Turn from such danger and repent! For the words which our beloved friend, even Jessie, didst so sincerely arrange, art more beautiful than any unneeded odditity from ye. In simpler terms, try some pita bread and hummus. Most delicious fare, indeed.

    2. HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS? <3333 Oh, I love you so, Les. <3

    3. i fear maybe i went a bit overboard in replying to that one, but, uh, yes, pita bread + hummus = the minor stuff of live. <3 i love you, too, jessie.

  3. reading back over my responses to anon's various accusations . . . and it pains to realise that myriads of people scattered across the face of this earth don't know what it means to feel the depth and expanse of pure, transcendental love. this is not a heated lecture against the anon, but rather -- and i pray you don't mind my leaving a perhaps irrelevant comment, jessie -- a small reminder to appreciate and enrich the lives of those whose lives have graced and taught you. a thank-you to our King. :)